Hickory Dickorys Day Nursery - TODDLERS 2-3 YEARS
Hickory Dickorys Day Nursery


Toddlers 2-3 years

Toddlers - Hand PaintingThe focus of the Toddler group for Kirsty & Zara and the team, is to provide a stimulating and fun environment where the children can promote skills such as socialising, speech and language and investigating.

Play activities are enjoyable, focussed and interesting to the child. The opportunity for free and imaginative play is always encouraged and valued in order to provide a strong link to home and real life experiences. Our team offers a plethora of activities to promote creativity and exploration skills in an unhurried atmosphere. A dedicated Dance & Physical suite is at hand for children to explore their full physical skills.

Toddlers - PlaydoughWe aim to provide a setting that makes all children feel welcome, valued and important. We build on good relationships between the child and their Parents, this we know, will help the child grow in confidence and security ready to take their play and learning further into the Pre- School. We promote free flow around the nursery which includes the outdoor environment, where the children can dig, water the plants, build and explore whatever the weather.

Our Totterers integrate slowly from the babysuite from about 22 months onwards, joining the youngest Toddlers for certain activities.

Kirsty hopes your child will enjoyToddlers - Playdough their time in Toddlers where they will learn new skills, make friends and improve and enhance their independence. Your child will become an active learner willing to explore with confidence. We look forward to welcoming you to the group where the sand pit, water tray, free choice arts & crafts, and fully equipped garden with a mud kitchen, awaits your arrival!

I am lucky enough to visit the Toddler Room every fortnight to provide Boogie Beat Music and Movement sessions, where we tell stories through singing and dancing.  The children just love Boogie Beat and respond so well to the workshop – listening carefully, taking part and being fully engaged throughout the 30 minute session. They particularly love the musical instruments and parachute games at the end! They are all an absolute joy to work with and are so happy at Hickory Dickory’s.  The staff are also fantastic – they get just as involved as the children and we all have so much fun together!


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