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Vision & Ethos at Hickory Dickorys

To offer superb quality day care for parents / carers and children in a relaxed, friendly and homely atmosphere.

  • We provide excellent day care for children in a relaxed, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
  • We work in partnership with parents or carers to make sure that your children get the best possible start in life.
  • We are approachable and interested in the development and achievements of your children, as well as you the parents.
  • We follow the EYFS curriculum which promotes each child’s individual development and builds upon previously gained knowledge.
  • We provide a rich and stimulating environment in which your children can explore and extend their knowledge in safety and without inhibitions.
  • We encourage thinking of and caring for others and through this we foster positive emotions and good standards of behaviour.
  • We promote self-esteem in every child and we praise and reward every achievement and effort.
  • We promote a high standard of skills to encourage independence, aiding that important first step into school life.
  • We offer equal opportunities to all children and adults by treating everyone as individuals and by respecting and supporting differences in language, culture and ability.
  • We provide qualified practitioners who are well-motivated and enthusiastic in their role of caring for your child.
The emphasis of The Nursery is to provide a wide range of opportunities that allow the children to explore the World around them and further their experiences and understanding of it in a meaningful way.

We offer a happy, stimulating and supportive environment for all of our children, and to promote the abilities of each child so that they can become active learners and independent souls.

Throughout the course of their time with us they will experience a multitude of activities to promote The Early Years Curriculum.

The Nursery provides each child with a unique opportunity to learn about life, to exercise problem solving skills and to develop their own character in an unequalled way.

We recognise and promote the significance of each Childs` race, culture, ability and gender and have a respect and value of difference as these are important aspects of self identity.

We provide a caring, loving and enthusiastic environment which will promote confidence and self esteem in the most sensitive of child.

Our Local Offer Of Early Help

'Thank You' cards

Here is a selection of 'Thank You' cards from our parent's/visitors :-

To all my wonderful teachers at Hickory Dickorys,

"Thank you * very much *" for looking after me.

love... Mia.

To everyone at Hickory Dickorys,

"Thank you... Very Much! for looking after me for the last 4 years. I have loved my Nursery days!"


Dear Sharon/Trudy,

"Just a note to thank you very much to everyone in the Babysuite for their care and attention in getting our little boy ready to attend nursery. It is lovely to know how happy and well looked after he will be."

thank you... S & B H

To all the Staff at Hickory Dickory's Nursery,

"Thank you so much for making Sofia's time at Nursery so amazing.

From your calm, professional care when she had to go to hospital, to your love and warmth you have all shown her every day, you have been wonderful.

Sofia has become so confident and sociable, helped by her experiences with you and I have no concerns about her transition to school and the skills you have given her.

We will all miss you!"

lots of love... E, T & Sofia

Dear Everyone at Hickory Dickorys,

"On Sophia's last day I can't help but think about the first - we were so nervous to be dropping off our beloved daughter at some Nursery we picked out online from an ocean away. How silly those nerves were! You have all been the most qualified, caring, kind, attentive - all together amazing-group of women! Here Sophia has found a second home and we are heartbroken to be taking her away. We will send our contact info once were settled. Those of who wish to do so, please keep in touch!

Our best wishes to each and everyone of you!"

with love and gratitude... Jacqueline, Adrian and Sophia C.

Dear Sharon/Trudy,

"Thank you all so much for being so welcoming to us on placement.

We have both enjoyed it so much and look forward to returning in April 2016.

Thank you again."

A and A - University of Gloucestershire


Hickory Dickorys is commited to fundraising and hold fundraising events each year.


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